HI! My name is Oren. I’m a recent graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in physics. This, in case you couldn’t tell, is not a physics blog though. This is a food blog.

I have always loved food. I mean LOVE. My mother would constantly tell me growing up that some people eat to live, other people live to eat. I am definitely the later. My parents raised me on a very broad range of foods from many different countries and cultures. One of my fondest memories growing up was being allowed to get lobster at the local Charlie Browns Bar & Grill. For a 5 year old, I had very expensive taste. However, until several years ago, all my food experience was only in the eating aspect of it. Until the moment that changed my life forever….(cue flashback sequence)

I was at my then girlfriend’s after-prom getaway. Some friends of ours rented out a house in the Catskills for the weekend. Half the people in the house were friends and acquaintances. The other half were, for lack of a better word, dumb. So for the first few days we were there, we ate what most youth are capable of making: burgers and hot dogs, pasta, pancakes and bacon. Then, on the last night, most of the dumb people had gone and only those who were actually part of our group of friends remained. So, in celebration, we decided to go to the super market in the area and buy REAL food.

Later that night my then girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) had some weird episode and didn’t want to spend time with me. So in the interest of finding something else to do, I decided to start making dinner, since I had some cooking experience from helping my mother out in the kitchen. I don’t remember exactly what I made, but whatever it was, it was a success. The part I do remember is the adrenaline rush of making so much food for so many people, and the feeling of accomplishment and glory when everyone complimented the food after the meal. And so my interest in cooking was born.

And so, since that fateful day I have been exploring different cooking styles and techniques, trying to figure out what best suits me. This blog is a documentation of that exploration. Mostly for my own benefit so that I can have a record of things I’ve made and how I made them and a way for me to keep track of changes or improvements to the recipes I use. But hey, it is the internet after all. If someone else finds what I have done here helpful in anyway, that’s great too.



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